École Escoulen, the training center dedicated to woodturning.


General view of Escoulen school

The Escoulen School aims to promote contemporary woodturning, both to an audience of amateurs and professionals through short 35-hour training courses for half the year.

From a historical point of view, the Escoulen School was created in 2012 on the will of the municipality of Aiguines to promote the unique know-how of woodturners, knowledge which is deeply embedded in the cultural heritage of the territory .


Training in the woodturning workshop

Our training center, dedicated to woodturning, is equipped with 16 lathes and professional tools.

To guarantee a personalized follow-up, our training courses welcome, by trainer, 5 to 7 trainees in initiation-beginner, and, in most cases, 6 to 8 trainees in improvement.


view of the chateau village of Aiguines

In the heart of Provence, the village of Aiguines , located at the gates of the Verdon gorges will surprise you.

Our structure makes it possible to welcome the public and to accommodate the trainees in the school. Twelve bedrooms thus meet demand and contribute to creating a relaxing atmosphere where openness and sharing echo the rigor and quality within the workshop.

Many sporting and cultural activities are available for your companions or extend your stay.

Qualiopi certified training, quality label

The careful monitoring as well as the excellence of the participants has enabled the Escoulen School to distinguish itself when obtaining the Qualiopi certificate relating to the quality of the actions of continuing professional training.

Our action allows woodturning to regain its acclaim while being part of a contemporary setting. But this action would be limited if the profession was not renewed. This is why we offer long training in the profession of wood turner. This course is radically different from the woodturning option as it can still exist in the CAP Arts of Wood sector of National Education.

Indeed, woodturning, recently included fully in the list of arts and crafts, is no longer practiced in a workshop to repeat mechanical gestures for mass production. The modern woodturner is independent, autonomous, and meets his needs by mixing small series, artistic pieces and custom pieces. Thus, the employability of our trainees is ensured, by giving them the possibility of realizing themselves in a creative action within their own structure.

You can follow, for example

Textures and finishing courses in wood turning.  Pyrography, sculpture and graphics
Color, graphics, surface
Woodturning courses, beginners initiation.  Turn safe and have fun
Getting started safely and having fun
Training in the creative worlds of the school's trainer trainers
Clémenceau, Heitz, Mailland, Marot, Naigeon, Vaughan
Advanced technical courses in wood turning.  Difficult but rewarding
Ornamental, eccentric, pole tower, metal and wood, lighting
advanced courses in wood turning
Digging, green woodworking, eccentric turning, finesse, cabinetmaking turning
jewelry courses, sculpture of queyras or approach to other forms of arts and crafts to awaken the creative sense
Jewelry, Queyras Sculpture, realization of tools

But also, the vocational long course (20 weeks) — insert the link here —