[:fr]Les formateurs en 2018[:en]2018 trainers at Escoulen woodturning school[:]

  • Nathalie Groeneweg, portraitNathalie Groeneweg creates beautifull wooden jewels, and she is also a woodturner, and a guitar maker. She will teach houw to make wooden jewels courses.
  • Portrait_hlandriHubert Landri, associates metal and wood to make beautiful pieces. He gives three courses : making tea-pot, making tools and working metal and wood.
  • Alain Mailland, tourneur, sculpteur sur boisAlain Mailland, turner specialized in green wood, turns fine marine vegetal shapes. He will give two courses in 2017.
  • Joss Naigeon, woodturnerJoss Naigeon, likes create little objects that can be used in every day life. This will be the subject of her course.
  • Laurent Niclot, portraitLaurent Niclot has followed the five months training in 2015-16, and joined the Escoulen team in March 2016. You certainly will appreciate to begin in woodturning with him as a teacher.
  • Gaëtan Rodts
    Potters for  30 years, Gaëtan will teach you pottery basis.
  • Neil Turner
    comes from Australia. He will give two courses  and will be a demonstrator at our symposium Les Petites Journées d’Aiguines.