[:fr]Les formateurs en 2018[:en]2018 trainers at Escoulen woodturning school[:]

  • Yann Marot, is the main trainer at Escoulen woodturning school. He will give many short courses (all subjects and thematic), and will teach half of the 5 months training (2018 October to 2019 March).
  • Thierry Bertheas, tourneur sur boisThierry Bertheas, gives beginners courses. He also teaches textures he experimented on beautiful boxes and sculptures.
  • Jean-Claude CharpignonJean-Claude Charpignon, a specialist of ornamental turning, will introduce you to the manufacture of Chinese balls.
  • Michel Chevreton, after learning excentric with Jean-François go on in some research with this tecnic. He will give an excentric course.
  • Romuald Clémenceau, portraitRomuald Clémenceau, has been demonstrator at our 2016 symposium, and now comes for pod boxes course.
  • Jean-François EscoulenJean-François Escoulen, professional woodturner, specialist in excentric turning, will give one excentric class.