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spine seed
Spine Seed

Seed boxes

with Romuald CLEMENCEAU

Nature is full of small seeds of all shapes, textures and colours. I was inspired by all this to make "my seeds".

During the course: filming, texture on the turn or off the tower, oxidation of the box, filming cuts and sculpting of the lid.

We will also discuss bending techniques and pigment-based decoration

Plant and marine sculptures (filmed sculptures)

Nepenthès, by Alain Mailland
Nepenthès, by Alain Mailland

with Alain MAILLAND

The opportunity to delve into Alain's creative world, using the techniques and tools he designed and developed for the occasion. Filming, decentralization, bending, digging, sculpting, sanding will be discussed.

Wooden flowers, a tree cut with a strawberry wick, a carnivorous plant such as Nepenthès, a coral reef or jellyfish will all be projects that can be tackled.

The objects made are just the beginning. They take a lot of time to finish. The techniques taught here are to open the field of possibilities.

Creating around the cur
ve, a week to experiment

with Yann Marot

Round, by Yann Marot
Round, by Yann Marot

A rigorous technician, Yann watches for the emotion caused by simple curves of stretched lines, clean shapes, fine textures. His imagination is populated by roped bowls, brushed boxes, sometimes sculpted pieces, often turned. His creations speak of the tree, of his experience: the deformation of the green wood obtained after drying is a second life. There is his hand of course, but also the wood, his history, when the sap was still beating in his veins.

On the program: slideshow, career and creative approach, some exercises to master the technique and especially to make it forget to realize a small creative series around the bowl. Give yourself time to try… and mistakes; choice of wood, importance of flow, dry wood/green wood; adding sculptures, displaying textures; development of his idea, critical, go all the way by a succession of essays to the finished piece.


with Joss Naigeon

Joss's POKs are the "Little Objects of the Kotidian"!

Odoro Senso
Odoro Senso, by Joss Naigeon

Often useful, sometimes futile, they are objects from yesterday to tomorrow, drawn for the hand, with humor and poetry. Examples: the jouss box (a small box filled with lip balm), odoro senso (suspended perfume), kuksaoû (wooden cup) and the spoon (a simple marriage between spoon and fork!).

All these small objects are a pretext to approach different techniques of filming: nesting, drilling, multi-axis filming, dissociated filming, digging of end wood and cross wood… Easily reproducible in your workshops since we will only work with small pieces of wood or green wood.
We will also have fun with textures, burns and paints (milk-paint).

Signature: Betty Scarpino