Long training in wood turner

long training in the wood turner trade
Long training

This training, lasting 20 weeks, in the trade of wood turner allows to acquire solid bases in filming and travel the world of contemporary filming in order to start his business in good conditions.


put trainees into a practical situation through modules built to bring the strength and diversity of skills required to practice wood-burning independently.

Nowadays, the turner carries out his activity as an independent craftsman, in his own workshop, sometimes in addition to another activity of wood, and on 4 axes:- the
realization of a production in small series, – th
e realization of pieces on demand, – th
e realization of artistic pieces, – th
e transmission of his knowledge.

Our training prepares future craftsmen for these activities by putting them in contact with a reference trainer and more than ten active professional turners. The installation aspects are discussed at the end of the internship.

How it unfolds:

20 modules of 35 hours, from initiation to tremblers, from room reproduction to eccentric through ornamental and tool making, this training is the essential basis of the independent turner.

In each module, the goal of working in a cost-effective way will be addressed.

The training is sanctioned by an exam to obtain the diploma of the school and allows to present the C.A.P. Wood Arts shooting option (100% success to date).


This training is aimed at motivated people. It does not necessarily require wood training beforehand.

An interview on our premises is essential to validate your application. A professional project will be asked.

CPF: Yes


October 05, 2020 to March 19, 202
104 October 2021 to March 18, 2022

Interns: 6

Price: $9,800

Registration fee: 280 eur
os. Support by possible organization (in this case, ask for a quote).