Textures and finish

Turn a piece, but also texture it and finish it, guided by champions of these fields.

Thierry Berthéas texture pieces
Thierry Bertheas creations, Laure Pradeau photos

Texture, color and graph
ics on shot parts

with Thierry BERTHEAS, professional wood turner

Come and give your creations a contemporary line: the work of shapes, the texture on the material and the combination of colors will bring to your creations a personal touch to enter the world of design. On t
he program: presentation of the process. Making a box with graphic work and colour; realization of a texture hammered on an object turned from a sabloir shaped by each trainee; Sculpted texture: colouring; Use of different tools: strawberry, breaker, grinder; Color work: projection; engraving after painting; overlaying colors; personal work.


with Alain Mailland, professional sculptor

Alain's filmed sculptures require a lot of time on finishing. Over time, he has developed effective techniques to optimize this phase and achieve impeccable results. The finishing phase has an alternation of mechanical and manual tools. The shape and delicacy of the curves and shapes is done during this phase.

It will also be an opportunity to go around the many textures that can be applied to the surfaces and tools suitable for them: rotating tools, pyrograver, sandblasting, pigments.

The choice of finishes and surface appearances should reflect a desired balance between the shape and the final appearance.