Aiguines, a story of wood turners

Why a woodturning school at Aiguines ?

aiguines2Aiguines was once renowned for turning studded balls. The men of the village were turners or worked in relation with turners. Know-how quite exceptional and particular developed and made known this small town into the 80s. The tourism sector was then taken over artisanal production. But the turning remains a central concern of the town who wanted to create a museum and a unique school devoted to traditional and comtemporary woodturning. 

How turning actually is at Aiguines today

Thanks to the work of the school, the village is enriched in 2014 of two new professional turners : Olivier Logerot that you will find at the artisanal gallery, and Yann Marot whose workshop-boutique is located in the center of the village.

The museum of woodturning opened in May 2014. Phone: +33 (0)4 94 70 99 17, website.

More information : Aiguines Tourist office website