Thierry Bertheas, woodturner

Thierry Thierry Bertheas

Thierry Bertheas born in 1958 in Montlucon.

Thierry Bertheas is at the origin of an alphabet of compound curved shapes with round signs, red and black, that we find from artwork to artwork. This is a calligraphy with striated shapes and curves which recalls the primitive arts of the peoples of Oceania, but also Aboriginal arts, Asian ideograms, Tibetan mandalas or Navajo. An alphabet of shapes which tends to universal. Halfway between design and sculpture, he develops wall hangings with very architectural forms, mixing textures, materials and colors.
In perpetual search, his work on the line and the line has led him to the discovery of the graphic design. He transmits this new technique on the sculptures.

1993 :
meeting with Maria Di Prima (turner woodcarver).

1998 : Courses
– John Jordan (turner sculptor USA).
– Michael Hosaluk and Mark Sfirri (turners sculptors USA).
– Terry Martin (Australian sculptor turner).

1999 – 2001 :
Trainer in miniature Saint Pierre and Miquelon.


See which are the courses Thierry Bertheas gives at Escoulen woodturning school: 
introductory course,
– design, color and texture.

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