Jean-Claude Charpignon

Former mechanical engineer in industry, Jean-Claude started in woodturning with the manufacture of furniture parts and other parts (often small boxes).

In 2003 he became interested in ornamental turning. It was at this time as he adheres to l’AFTAB, attend the World Days in Puy-St-Martin, and met Paul Texier, Robert Bosco, Claude Lethiecq and Daniel Mac-Donald. To realize the Canton balls, he began making his own tools, which is now used by tens of turners in France and abroad.

He built in 2005 a first ornamental turn for indexing working or performing spirals with rotating tools.

In 2009 a new twist to appear for fixed tools working which gives it the ability to produce boxwood parts inspired on ivory work in the 17th and 18th centuries. Two of his pieces of ornamental work are property of the County Museum Valromay Bugey Ain.

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Chinese balls.
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Jean-Claude Charpignon