Alain Mailland

portrait USAIn his workshop in the heart of the maquis gardois, Alain Mailland is one of those who reveal the beauty the treasures scrubland contains : heather, arbutus, the juniper, pistachio, hackberry, among others.

Carpenter converted to turning, Alain explores and pushes his limits to invent new forms. He is one of the first in France to dig green wood, to play better on the veil that the fiber will marry drying.

He developed a technique allowing him to make turned flowers, a technique opening him the door to new sculptures : improbable flowers, anemones mutant sea, air octopus, his pieces with evocative names and often malicious suggest strange wedding but subsided fauna and flora, sea and plant.

See which are the courses Alain Mailland gives at Escoulen woodturning school: 
oceanic or veggie inspired sculptures,
– surfaces.
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Alain Mailland