Trainers 2014

2014 Trainers

  • Joss Naigeon, is a woodturner at Saoû in Drôme. She will give novice courses and a “Woodturning : Improvement” course on making boxes.
  • Yann Marot, will give a novice course, Improvement all subjects courses and Woodturning : Improvement courses on the digging and cutting techniques. Yann Marot and Jean-François Escoulen lessons will be shared for the long training to become a wood turner.
  • Jean Boucher, knife sculptor at Lyon, practices Queyras sculpture. He offers to animate four-day courses.
  • Jean-François Escoulen, offers lots of improvement courses (improvement all subjects, eccentric turning, thin turning…). Jean-François Escoulen and Yann Marot lessons will be shared for the long training to become a wood turner.
  • Hubert Landri, coppersmith, turner, sculptor will teach you metalworking (forging, welding) to add metal elements to your pieces of wood.
  • Graeme Priddle, came from New Zealand, will give a course entitled Turning, sculpture, and woodburning textures.
  • Jean-Claude Charpignon, specialist of ornamental turning, will introduce you to the manufacture of Chinese balls.

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  • Nathalie Groeneweg, luthier, wood turner, takes over Monique Escoulen for courses for wooden jewelry making.
  • Johannes Michelsen, came from the United States, invented the wooden hat. He invites you to discover his technique and practice on a four-day course.
  • Dominique Cherpe, artisan ornemaniste sculptor, invites you to discover his know-how, whether you are a novice or if you already practiced low relief sculpture.
  • Mark Sfirri, turner, American cabinetmaker, is our guest for a multi-axis turning course,for professional craftsmen.
  • Alain Mailland, turner specialized in digging green wood, turns fine parts with a marine vegetal shapes that do not leave insensitive. He will participate in coaching La Colla-Bois and Métal, collaborative week programmed late July.
  • Thierry Berthéas, turner and sculptor at Digne-les-Bains, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. It is in a good mood that he will give you the basics of woodturning in the Escoulen school (courses of 35 h or initiation day).