Trainers 2013

2013 Trainers

  • Eli Avisera, turner and wood carver at Jérusalem in Israël, provides a rich variety of techniques and sharpening skills. The quality of his work is universally recognized. He will give two courses : one week in woodturning, the other week in woodcarving.
  • Jacques Vésery, is an American turner and sculptor known worldwide, and it is an honor for the Escoulen school to receive him. He will give a unique course and will be a demonstrator at the conference.
  • Joss Naigeon, is a woodturner at Saoû in Drôme. She will give two novice courses.
  • Thierry Berthéas, turner and sculptor at Digne-les-Bains, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, will give an initiation course and an improvement course on his personal techniques.
  • Pierre Delétraz, teaches material resistance at the IUT Metz and practices turning with passion. He offers, with Jean-François Escoulen, a unique course manufacturing a threader, and its use.
  • Yann Marot, wood turner at Aubepierre in Creuse, will give an advanced training course in digging and all special techniques.

Revenir à nos formateurs 2014

  • Jean Boucher, knife sculptor at Lyon, practices Queyras sculpture. He offers to animate four-day courses.
  • Alain Mailland, turner specialized in digging green wood, turns fine parts with a marine vegetal shapes that do not leave insensitive. He will lead an improvement course on the techniques of green wood digging and turned flowers.
  • Henri Kuntz, craftsman wood turner, transmits the job with passion. He loves to share all techniques and his patience is limitless. An initiation course is planned.
  • Jean-François Escoulen,offers lots of improvement courses (improvement all subjects, eccentric turning, multi-axis turning, furniture items).
  • Hubert Landri, coppersmith, turner, sculptor will teach you metalworking (forging, welding) to add metal elements to your pieces of wood.
  • Monique Escoulen, cabinetmaker, offers wooden jewelery courses (from roots, magnifiers and precious wood) over three days. She also intervenes at the request of some turning courses: use of flexible rotary tools for carving.