trembler Technique

The trembler technique , presented by Jean-François Escoulen


trembler length 1,20m turned by Nathalie during a course.

The trembler is a traditional ornamental peace conducted in lathe. Originally from the 18th century, it was made ​​of ivory, allowing to turn extremely fine diameters, a length up to 30 cm.

Adapted to our time, the trembler is a technical exercise for wood turners, it requires a mastery of the tool, and this is an interesting study of traditional forms.

I teach this technique to turners that already have some turning experience. Depending on the level, I propose to work on a trembler of 30 to 120cm. The maximum diameters range going up to 35 to 45mm and minimum diameters goes down to 2 to 3mm. Preparatory and complementary exercises are necessary to learn to work with finesse.

This allows you to experiment as well new turning techniques that are often ignored : turning convex shapes from a chisel of 5mm. Turning with the spindle gouge with small heel. And the manufacture of glasses strings (home made !) essential for this high-level exercise.

My most advanced students turn a trembler in bone beef. Those who succeed take it home in a glass tube. To turn a trembler, You must be calm and serene, accept mistakes, even fatal errors… But what a pleasure to walk away in your hands with a real masterpiece.










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