Turning eccentric

The eccentric technique, prensented by Jean-François Escoulen


Turning eccentric is for me a long story that started in 1990.
Absolutely wanting to get out of the restrictive axis lathe, I worked hard to find forms that did not exist.

Change axis is a complex exercise if you do not have some basics !
Each piece was completely unique, because I was unable to repeat the same thing twice !

On a simple idea of ​​a mandrel cup that could be able to move in all directions, my first chuck was born : there is no fine tuning on this heavy chuck but it is still possible to change the axis of the workpiece…

primitive enough, however, it has served me for several years.
Finally I managed to master commas !!!
Who allowed me to do spoons, boxes, and then what followed !!!

Gradually,  I refined, by carrying out prototype after prototype.
Here are some :

[easyrotator align=”left”]erc_85_1372251078[/easyrotator]

And voilà there is now 15 years of eccentric prototypes !!!

Escoulen mandrels are now manufactured by the company Vic-Marc in Australie and sold in many wood turning catalogs in France and in all countries where we turn !!
I do not take care of marketing at all.
If you want to buy a mandrel, search in catalogs. It is not difficult to find !!!



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