Reception – Schedule – Meal – Accommodation


We welcome you to the school, the eve of the course, starting from 5 pm.
For those of you who travel by public transport, the nearest railway station is at les Arcs-Draguignan (Var). Then you will find a bus that will take you from Les Arcs to Draguignan (see the hours on, and then another bus from Draguignan to Aups (all the schedules are on, line 1201). And we can pick you up, or send you a little bus,  on Monday at Aups at 7 – 8 pm.

To ensure personalized attention, 5 to 7 students for one teacher in beginning courses, 6 to 8 in most time in improvement.


Arranged on-site features single and double rooms, each with shower and toilet. Linens are not provided.
Prices are per room (package for the training period of 35 h) :

– single room : 146 euros,
– double room : 198 euros.

Starting from four weeks of courses, please contact us.

Regulation of the amount of the accommodation at end of the courses, whatever is the funding mechanism for  the training.

Other possible accommodations at Aiguines (hotels, houses, campsites et guestrooms) are on the website of Aiguines’s tourist office

“Place des tilleuls”


A caterer provides one or two meals a day (9,50 € the meal), delivered on site. Meals can be taken together in the school refectory. In the evening you can also visit one of the nearby restaurants .


Courses of 35 hours occurs tuesday morning to friday evening :

– from Tuesday to Thursday from 8 to 12.30 am and from 2 to 6:30pm, or 9 hours a day.
– Friday from 8 to 12.30 am and from 2 to 5:30pm, or 8 hours a day.