Perfecting the filming

Green wood

with Yann MAROT, professional wood turner

To work with green wood is to be in direct contact with the living tree, its sap, its bark. Above all, we must understand how he pushed to consider the flow of the wood, to anticipate its deformations during filming and drying. What a pleasure to play with the veining, drawings and bright colors of fre
sh wood. With a few special tools for digging (rings, hooks, scrapers) and a long-ear sharpening of the gouge to dig, long chips are quickly stolen and all without dust. The emphasis will be on sharpening to limit sanding which ultimately poses no more difficulties than dry wood with some particular techni
ques. Objects made: bowl, bowl, bark cup, vase, blind, small opening digging, long and fine foot glass.

roped bowls, Yann Marot
Stringed Bol, by Yann Marot

Perfection à la carte

with Yann MAROT

training courses for wood-burning
Perfection à la carte, sept. 2014.

This internship is for those who know the basic tools. The intern can organize his or her own program according to his desires and
his level. Deepening basic techniques (for example, flat work, bedane, end wood digging at the ring, crocheting, Munro, cross wood digging, various sharpenings, finishes, etc.).

Special techniques can be discussed: shooti
ng green wood, shooting in finesse, large diameter, furniture elements, style, multi-axis and eccentric filming, long and fine filming (shaker) with making string glasses, etc.

Digging and cutting techniques (cutting and digging)

with Yann MAROT, professional wood turner

From different tools we will take the time to understand why the tool cuts (or does not cut). The emphasis will be on using the angle of glide (why the plane gives such a good result, and how to get this same result with other tools). A lot of time will be spent sharpening to get a raw tool quality surface state. The course is based on practical yarn wood exercises and cuttings of end wood and crosswood, not to mention the creeds closed with small openings. Objects made: spatula, bowl, water drop box with returned ring, frame, flour shovel, maracas…

Wooden games and toys

with Yann MAROT, and Joss Naigeon, professional wood turners

The tour is a fabulous tool to make beautiful wooden games while having fun.

Starting with a few examples of simple toys, we will discover tricks to easily turn pawns, discs, wheels, small identical pieces. Then it will be time to put these tricks into practice to make games of skill, strategy, bluff and reflect
ion. And we'll have a little time to play, right?

Example of items made:

  • Small car, duck and turtle on wheels
  • Tops of all kinds.
  • Toupie golf (address)
  • Mouse game (reflex)
  • Bilpocket (pocket bilboquet) and its threaded wooden case.
  • Game of Peskador (with fish-shaped ossicles).