Master class

If all other internships are open to them, professionals enrolled in a chamber of trades and crafts will find with the master class an internship that is especially for them.

Graphic explorations

mural Thierry Berthéas. Internship for professionals
Thierry Berthéas

with Thierry Berthéas, professional wood turner

Thierry constantly develops new techniques to combine graphics and textures with his pieces. Filming is usually used to give shapes, but it can also be used to apply paint. The sabloirs are classically used on leather, but what about wood? Combining the work of a stone and a wood tower is quite classic for grooves and ornamental pieces, but would there be another approach?

This internship will be an opportunity to experiment on elements turned or not, with the idea of the creation of a large wall piece.

Green wood deformations

with Christian Burchard

Balls and tubes, "us versus them" Christian Burchard, Stage for professionals
Us versus Them
Christian Burchard

Christian Burchard invites us to explore a form of visual aesthetics and personal development, in order to give meaning to our pieces. The approach will be based on problem solving.
We'll look for the "Why" and end up with "How."

With the work on green wood and the partial mastery of its distortions, we will see how to give a special atmosphere to our creations.