On the sidelines of the shoot

Are you turning too much? Check out our additional internships on the sidelines of the shoot. They are accessible at all levels.

Making wooden jewellery and other materials

Wooden jewellery, creation and craftsmanship, N. Groeneweg

with Nathalie GROENEW
EG, luthière, wood turner, designer of wooden jewelry

Nathalie offers you a week of training in jewelry making during which you will learn collages, the use of rotating and manual tools, finishing and editing, with the aim of making beautiful original jewelry and to your liking!

In the program:

  • The tooling used (rotating tools, hand tools).
  • The various woods and other materials (mother-of-pearl, precious wood, roots and magnifying 10th).
  • The different assemblages.
  • The drilling.
  • Strawberry sculpture and sanded finish of a root pendant.
  • Making a pair of earrings by collage and sculpture.
  • You create your own jewelry: drawing, choice of wood, possible assemblages…
  • Vernis of finished parts.
  • Mounting hooks, cords.
  • The knots, the sliders.

Wood sculpture, from Queyras, to the knife

with Jean Boucher

box with sculpture of the Queyras
Box with sculpture of the Queyras

Jean Boucher seeks to promote the popular art of Queyras using the wood, the knife and the motifs of this country. He invites you to discover for four days the folk art of Queyras and to acquire the basic techniques of wood carving with a knife from this region
. Program:

  • Presentation and study of the traditional sculpted art of Queyras.
  • Learning to draw the main motifs (rosaces, suns, stars, palms).
  • Technical execution:
    • The basics of wood carving with a knife.
    • Exercises to make basic patterns in arc (which form the rosettes) and wolf tooth (triangles).
    • Making a figure carved with a knife on a room to decorate (plate, candlestick …).

Models of parts will give examples of achievements. Each trainee will be able to sculpt and take two objects in cembro pine (plate, candlestick, cross,
…). Tracing and sculpting equipment is provided.