On demand

with  Yann Marot

Woodturning, improvement all subjects course, sept. 2014

On demand course, september 2014

This course is for those who know the basic tools. The student may himself organize his program according to his desires and his level.
Basic techniques upgrading (for example how to use a skew, hook tool, Munro tool, end grain and cross grain techniques, sharpening, finishing, etc).

Specific techniques can be approached :
green wood turning, thin turning, big diameters, pieces of furniture, multi-axis and eccentric turning, long and thin turning (trembleur), etc.


– from March 29th to April 1st 2016,
– from May 24th to 27th  2016,
– from August 23rd to 26th 2016.


590 €
Feel free to contact us for specific needs.


35 hours  tuition
Course starts on Tuesday morning, ends Friday evening.
Accomodation available on site : see our page accomodation

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