Wooden jewelry

BijouxBoisNG7with Nathalie GROENEWEG,
guitarmaker, woodturner, wooden jewels maker

Born in 1979, Nathalie discovers lutherie in 1999 and from that year in England followed 3 years of manufacturing classical guitar training. Back in France, she works with different luthiers and settled in 2003 in the Drôme. In 2009, she made her first shavings on the lathe with Jocelyne Naigeon then meets Jean-François Escoulen and is oriented towards achieving tremblers. She was one of seven students at the first long training session to become a wood turner in the Escoulen school (septembre to december 2012), and followed a jewelry training with Monique Escoulen.
Nathalie offers a jewelry making course during which you will learn the collages, using rotary tools and manual tools, finishing and mounting, in order to make beautiful and original jewelery to your taste !

Learning how to use powered rotative and hand tools on differents materials (most on wood like ebony, boxwood…), drillings, and more…
Making a nakelace with a piece of root.
Techniques to make earings.
You make the jewels you want! (drawings, choice of wood, etc…)
How to finish the jewels (sanding, varnishing).


– from June 9th to 12th 2020,
– from July 14th to 17th 2020,
– from August  18th to 21st 2020,
– from September 22nd to 25th 2020,


630 €
Feel free to contact us for specific needs.


35 hours  tuition
All levels.
Course  starts on Tuesday morning, ends Friday evening.
Accomodation available on site: see our page accomodation.

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