Congress 2020

Les Petites Days d'Aiguines, an international wood-turning congress in Aiguines on May 21 and 22, 2020

The Little Days of Aiguines

Our annual conference Les Petites Days d'Aiguines will take place on May 21 and 22, 2020. This is the perfect opportunity to once again immerse yourself in the atmosphere of wood turners, or to discover their world in constant change.

This year, we offer Little Days revisited with:

  • ten different demonstrators,
  • Participatory Workshops,
  • Live Collaborations,
  • a time to exchange on a subject that is close to your heart.

They will be followed by a special day, where we will invest the whole village of Aiguines for off-wall demonstrations and a large market. See the open house page.

Ten demonstrators:

  • Benoît Averly (Fra), Let's be effective.
  • Josée Bourgoin (Can), Turned to Life.
  • Jean-Paul Empi (Fra), Derviches turners.
  • Vivien Grandouiller (Fra), Menhirs in black.
  • Nathalie Groeneweg (Fra), Tubes and kneecaps.
  • Jean-Claude Grout (Fra), With a little luck.
  • Joe Laird (Irl), Irish Whisky.
  • Alain Mailland (Fra), Impro on Racine.
  • Sébastien Molard (Fra), A World of Colors.
  • Derek Weidman (USA), pet of choice.

Participatory workshops:

We noticed that you would prefer to come and ask your questions or start discussions with the demonstrator once the session was over, even when a time was reserved for that during the demo. So you want more proximity… So, we
offer you a slot, right after the demo, entirely dedicated to exchanges. You can even try the tool, comment on your pieces or watch a small slideshow, it's up to you to appropriate this moment, in small committee, to go further in the exchange
… It's an hour-and-a-half slot, under the barnum, after each demo.

Live Collaborations:

What could you dream of in front of such a floor of demonstrators? What if we imagined… Benoît and Vivien who make a four-handed demo, Jean-Paul and Nathalie around a project of madness. At this time, the couples are not yet formed, and may decide to unseated, but it's unique, it's playful, and if it creates a little panic, it will be more magical!

Live Collaborations:

Rather than a one-way conference, we suggest that you choose a topic that we will submit to our guests and that will be repeated in a debate in which you can attend, but of course also participate.
Another way to boost one's creativity or understanding of contemporary filming, another moment of sharing that you will have the key to.

A contest:

This year the theme of our competition will be "Fanny".

In addition:

an exhibition of demonstrators at the
museum, an instant exhibition of deleg
ates, material vendors,
a gala evening with animation.

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