Congrès 2015

There will be 8 demonstrators:

Paul Corbineau
Élisabeth Mézières
Joss Naigeon
Eli Avisera, from Israel
Thierry Bertheas
Jean-Dominique Denis
Vivien Grandouiller
Henri Kuntz
Glenn Lucas from Ireland
Paul Texier

During the symposium, there will be several translators to help English-speakers, but all the demonstrations are not necessary translated.

Three exhibitions: 
One exhibition of the demonstrators’ pieces, and two exhibitions of attendees’ pieces. 

The day after Les Petites Journées, on May 16: open house at Escoulen woodturning school, free demonstrations (16 demonstrators).

About accommodation, please contact the Tourist office of Aiguines (Aiguines is in a touristic area, so don’t be late to book your accommodation).

Fees are:
Symposium : 95 €
Meals: Thursday lunch, Friday lunch and Friday dinner: 13€ each; Thursday banquet dinner: 17€.


Glenn Lucas : bowls ready for packing
Glenn Lucas : bowls ready for packing