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Congrès 2014

There will be 10 demonstrators: 
Dominique Cherpe
Éric de Meyer 
Isabelle Martin
Jérôme Blanc
JoHannes Michelsen
Benoît Averly
Pascal Oudet
Nathalie Groeneweg
Yann Marot
Jean-François Escoulen

During the symposium, there will be several translators to help English-speakers, but all the demonstrations are not necessary translated.

Three exhibitions:
One exhibition of the demonstrators’ pieces, and two exhibitions of attendees’ pieces:
– for the first one, you can bring 4 pieces, a critic is organised;
– for the second one, you can bring tops (all kinds of tops, spinning tops, funny tops, little or big…). Three prizes will be given for the tops: jury prize, attendees’ prize, and a special prize for the smaller top.
The day after Les Petites Journées, on May 31 : open day at Escoulen school, free demonstrations (16 demonstrators).

About accommodation, please contact the Tourist office of Aiguines (Aiguines is in a touristic area, so don’t be late to book your accommodation).

Y. Marot pendant Les Petites Journées d'Aiguines 2013.
Y. Marot during Les Petites Journées d’Aiguines 2013.